December 12, 2022

The Top 9 Reasons To Choose A 3 BHK Flat in Nashik Instead Of A 2 BHK Flat

The Top 9 Reasons To Choose A 3 BHK Flat in Nashik Instead Of A 2 BHK Flat

These are some of the points which we will cover in detail.

  1. More Space
  1. Greater Privacy
  1. Higher Resale Value
  1. Easy Access To Loan
  1. Remote Working Space
  1. Economical Option
  1. More Car Parking
  1. Smart Home
  1. Spacious Common Areas

“Should I go for a 2 BHK Flat or a 3 BHK Flat in Nashik?” At some point, many of us might have faced this question. Since buying a home is a long-term commitment on your part, we know you’ll want to do your homework before settling on a specific size. 

Having a 3 BHK luxury is a great way to live. Among Maharashtra’s major urban cities, Nashik is among the most popular cities to call home because of its rapid growth and abundance of facilities.

In this blog, we will share the top 9 reasons to choose a 3 BHK flat in Nashik over a 2 BHK.

Top 9 Reasons To Buy A 3 BHK Flat Instead Of A 2 BHK Flat In Nashik

A 3 BHK flat in Nashik Gangapur Road is a perfect option for many. Let’s walk through the 9 reasons why 3 BHK flats are the best pick!

  1. More Space

You may rest assured that a 3 BHK flat in Nashik will meet your demands well into the coming years because it provides considerably more space than a 2 BHK would. The additional space in a 3BHK is perfect: 

  • When your parents stay with your family
  • Growing children have growing needs for space
  • When you plan to extend your family
  •  Many of our relatives visit us for a few days and wish to stay with us
  • No need to worry when you have lots of space for Celebrations and House Parties 

There is plenty of room for everyone in the family to spread out and feel at home in a 3 BHK apartment.

  1. Greater Privacy

A 3 BHK Flat for sale in Nashik is a decent solution when you have confined spaces and need privacy at the same time. 

1) The elderly living with you can be given the same privacy that you appreciate.

2) The children enjoy their own private space and sense of serenity.

3) This is of utmost significance if you frequently have visitors staying at your home. 

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a 3 BHK flat is that it can accommodate not one, not two, but three generations simultaneously and happily!

  1. Higher Resale Value

The resale and rental value of 3 BHK homes is higher than that of 2 BHK flats, particularly in a prime area like Gangapur Road, Nashik. The owner can get a great price for the property because of the high demand for and limited availability of 3 BHK flats. 

The location’s real estate prices, the property’s attributes, and amenities, and its age could all affect how much a 3 BHK costs.

  1. Easy Access To Loan

While a 3BHK flat will always be easier to acquire a home loan for than a 2BHK, a 3 BHK luxurious flat in Nashik will generally come from well-known housing projects by trusted and established real estate developers. 

Loan applications for luxury homes with three bedrooms are granted easily. Larger apartments and well-known projects are given preference when it comes to obtaining financing from banking firms.

  1. Remote Working Space

Remote work is rapidly becoming the standard in many industries throughout the world. The work-from-home concept, which was initially more difficult to implement, has since found a comfortable middle ground, with no commute and full workplace control for companies. 

3BHK Flats offers the distinct advantage of space to create a separate office space inside a flat so as to maintain a work and life balance. The additional space offers flexibility in such a way one of the rooms can be used as a common area for Fitness, Yoga, Office or anything that might come up, which is very difficult in 2BHK as discovered during the pandemic by many families.

Buying 3 BHK flats in Nashik allows you to create your own home office, preparing you for the inevitable rise of remote work in the near future.

  1. Better Value with Branded Luxury Flats

Most individuals are unaware that a 3BHK flat is a better financial investment than a 2BHK. An extra room, more square footage, and upgraded aesthetics can be yours for only a 20-30% increase in cost.

A 2 BHK flat in a Prime Location in Nashik City may cost anything from 75 to 85 Lakh Rupees. However, for only 90 to 95 Lakhs, you will get a spacious and comfortable 3 BHK flat in Prime Location with easy access in the heart of the city. This is a very competitive price and it might vary widely depending on where you live.

Better Value with Branded Luxury Flats
  1. Additional Car Parking

When you buy a 2 BHK flat, it typically comes with the option of buying a single car parking. But when you go for a 3 BHK, it provides you an opportunity to have more than 1 car parking. So, you can be assured that your cars are safely parked every day in society.

  1. Smart Home

Everyone prefers a home with much space to move around in. Having extra space makes it possible to improve the aesthetics and functionality of one’s home through the installation of cutting-edge technologies. 

In a 3 BHK luxurious flat in Nashik, you have plenty of room to install a stylish bar, a stunning island kitchen, a luxurious living room, and much more. Builders now offer 3 BHK flats that are both modern and smart.

Smart Home
  1. Spacious Common Areas

Not only will 3 BHK provide you with spacious rooms, a living room, a kitchen area, and other amenities, but the society as a whole provides several amenities for people of all ages. Most developers now construct 3-bedroom homes in planned communities with ample green space, a yoga and meditation center, a children’s play area, a swimming pool, an amphitheater, and other amenities. 

Owners of 3 BHK flats can enjoy the tasteful integration of open floor plans and tranquil landscaping. You get what you want most: a good lifestyle and comfort! Apart from the above mentioned 9 Reasons, there are also Top 10 Things To Consider Before Investing In A Luxury Flat you would like to know about which will help you to make a decision.

To Summarize

To own a home is to own a long-term investment. Flat size should be selected with an eye on future expansion needs. Buying a 3 BHK Flat is preferable for more than just the 9 reasons given above. 

If you want to live in a city that is rapidly growing while still maintaining a high quality of life, Nashik is a fantastic option. Nashik has a lower cost of living than many other large Indian cities. 

To encourage the usage of electric vehicles (EVs) in the city, the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has regulated that all new residential projects with at least 25 flats have to install EV charging stations for the residents of that respective project.

Vistara is a luxury project by Goodbrick Realty comprising 14 spacious luxury 3 BHK flats in Serene Meadows, on Gangapur Road in Nashik. 

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