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At Goodbrick Realty, we believe that ideas are the foundation of buildings. Bricks and mortar are only the building blocks that make them possible. It's ideas that make a house into a home. Years of expertise have been blended with fresh ideas, and upbeat energy that puts the needs of the consumer first. The foundation of Goodbrick Realty is innovation, transparency and trust.

Goodbrick Realty is a symbol of a better lifestyle, uniqueness, and luxury. We combine class, comfort and functionality to create irresistible homes. Our core values of goodness, design thinking, and unwavering dedication to quality drive every decision we make to enable joyful life for our customers every day. These values have enabled us to grow steadily over the past several years. We believe in building wonderful and unique homes to provide an experience of a lifetime to our customers.


Brand Manifestation
and Brand Story

The idea of the Logo is based on three aspects of the brand story

Light/Direction   •   Building/Growth   •    Brick

In the Realty category, there is a new Light with a powerful guiding force moving upward to beckon an ethical way of doing the Construction Business, to build robust spaces with speed and good quality. Creating a Unique mark for itself in the Real estate category

Our Lineage

Built on superior quality, values, innovative thinking, and a persistent focus on the needs of our customers, Goodbrick Realty has established itself as a trusted name in the real estate industry. A new portion in a story that began in the 1990s is Goodbrick Realty. Mr. Sandeep Sampat, our Chairman, after beginning his career as a real estate broker, co-founded the esteemed Neel Sidhi Group.

Mr. Sandeep Sampat, a visionary leader, with his 35 years of vast experience in real estate completed numerous profitable residential and commercial projects. And Mr. Sneh Sampat, the managing director, carries on this legacy by bringing new ideas and fresh energy to the table. To bring innovation and technology to this industry, this young gamechanger has worked incredibly hard. We aim to do high-quality work speedily with a set of robust systems in place.

It's Luxury

It's Goodbrick Realty

Goodbrick Realty, with extensive experience in the real estate industry, is committed to creating homes that provide a lifetime delightful experience to it’s customers. The company has established a reputation for utilizing the potential of digitalization and new technology in providing contemporary homes.

A premium lifestyle with modern amenities & one-of-a-kind experience is brought to the table by Goodbrick Realty's artistically designed and constructed homes. Goodbrick Realty is a real estate company that focuses on building havens lined with luxury living, ample open spaces, and technologically advanced homes. We keep our customers satisfied and happy with homes that will keep them inspired forever.


Our Chairman's


“Goodbrick Realty has been thriving since the day we first started in the real estate industry because we value the needs of our customers. Their success has been our success, and every level of our company is dedicated to meeting their dream home needs both now and in the future.

Every employee at Goodbrick Realty has undergone proper training and has a commitment to quality. We pursue excellence every day and put a lot of effort into making sure that you have a pleasurable and rewarding home buying experience.”

Mr. Sandeep Sampat 
(Chairman, Goodbrick Realty)

Our Managing Director's


With over ten years of experience in the real estate industry, Mr. Sneh Sampat brings on board his ‘Nothing is Impossible’ attitude, a unique vision, and best management practices. His energy, his drive, and passion to touch new levels of brilliance while carefully taking the steps toward development has proven beneficial to the company in all these years. He brings fresh ideas and actions that are always underlined with a contemporary approach.

Mr. Sneh Sampat, the Managing Director, brings to the table innovation and energy. This Young Gamechanger is an enthusiast who believes in creativity and exploring new ideas to match up to the Market.

Mr. Sneh Sampat 
(Managing Director, Goodbrick Realty)


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Our Philosophy

Goodbrick Realty upholds the highest level of corporate professionalism while being committed to its stakeholders and customers. The objective has always been to improve the lives of customers with transparency, assurance, and trust while upholding ethical business principles. The core values of the company are insight-driven strategy, on-time delivery, achieving the best possible price-quality ratio, and following a sustainable development strategy with technology at the forefront.

Goodbrick Realty has developed a reputation for providing exceptional customer experience without compromising on the quality. Our philosophy is to build properties for different target customers - affordable housing to luxury homes. We believe in robust planning, stringent quality checks, property delivery within the promised time frame and full transparency. Keeping the customers informed at every level/stage of construction with pleasant interactions is what we take care of. We believe that conserving the environment and the local community is important in earning the trust of customers, employees, and the community at large.

Vision Mission Purpose

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