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Luxury villas in Lonavala by Goodbrick Realty go the extra mile to provide their residents with an ideal lifestyle. These villas are well-embellished with the finest amenities and features, and they do credit to the hard-earned lifestyle that you deserve. These residential villas radiate grandeur while embracing nature-inspired comforts. This is the perfect environment for unparalleled living with nature, with a spectacular mountain & valley view directly from your patio.

The finely crafted luxury villas for sale in Lonavala by Goodbrick Realty are a blend of opulence, comfort, and leisure. These super-spacious villas come with top-notch amenities to give a delightful experience to every family member. These luxury villas feature meticulously crafted modern contemporary layouts with massive open spaces, as well as an exclusive private pool with a spectacular view.

Goodbrick Realty’s luxury private pool villas in Lonavala are a great place to unwind and enjoy your newfound solitude from the outside world. These villas are definitely a living paradise, with ultra-luxurious construction, design, and nature-driven aesthetics. If you’re desiring to own your luxury habitat with the ultimate salvation, then Goodbrick Realty’s Lonavala villas are the place to be!

Pinnacle Of A Luxurious Lifestyle

Lonavala is considered a tropical paradise, with a precise blend of flora spread across a beautiful green landscape. Own a luxury private pool villa in Lonavala and enjoy the breathtaking exhibit of nature’s exquisite splendor. Allow us to help you find one!

Building Luxurious And

Serene villas

Enjoy top-notch amenities at the magnificent villas in Lonavala by Goodbrick Realty amidst a fantastic canvas in which every brushstroke is a work of art by nature.

  • A private swimming pool, pool with Jacuzzi, and a sunken seating area to relax and rejuvenate with your loved ones
  • An outdoor dining area and an outdoor bar to celebrate special moments and occasions with your family and distinguished guests while enjoying some really awe-inspiring views of the nature
  • The BBQ corner to enjoy cooking sumptuous and delicious meals with your family and friends
  • Super-spacious and marvelous rooms fully equipped with ultramodern technology 
  • More than 70 % of the space is used in landscaping and amenities to let you cherish not just the luxuries of life but also the luxury of nature
  • Spread across a vast area and located in the vibrant backdrop of Lonavala Hills, these villas put every conversation into trivia by making themselves a conversation piece

Experience Comfort & Smart-Living

Experience a smart-living at the luxury villas at Lonavala with a high-tech security system to give you a safe stay at your villa
Eco Construction
The construction of these villas has been done using materials that do not harm the environment and contributes to sustainability
Attractive Location
These villas are located at Lonavala, which is surrounded by green valleys, tranquil lakes, and stunning waterfalls
Modern Technology
The villas are developed using modern technologies in design, architecture, and construction

Why Are Goodbrick
Villas Different?

Goodbrick Realty’s luxury villas for sale in Lonavala are far more than just grand, luxury villas. They have sustainability at the heart of their design while also exhibiting the latest innovations in smart home technologies:

  • The Perfect Residency – Goodbrick Realty’s expertise in real estate allows it to come up with designs and structures that are stunning as well as functional
  • Expert Architects – The team of expert architects uses state of the art technology in designing and building villas making them talk of the town
  • Reduced Energy Usage – The villas are designed smartly and thoughtfully to allow more use of natural light and air and thus reduce energy usage
  • Close Proximity To The City – The luxury villas are at close proximity to Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Pune and other nearby locations making it just apt to dwell  


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