June 5, 2024

Top Real Estate Trends That Will Control the Market in 2024

In 2023, the Indian housing market will have soared considerably. In addition to new product launches, people will also observe a hike in property sales. In the year 2024, individuals have not only seen a rise but also a decline in the Indian real estate market for many years. Stupendous growth has shown that the market is sure to last for a long time. 

People should always observe the Indian trends in real estate if they wish to invest money in the sector. In 2024, the Indian economy as a whole seems better than earlier. For example, the stock market is recovering from its recent drop, more jobs are being created, and the economy as a whole is growing. Over time, these signs will make more individuals long to live in housing groups across the country as more people buy homes. 

Let us look at some of the most important real estate trends that will likely rule the market in 2024.

Shop-with-Offices in Business

SCO stands for “shop-cum-offices.” This type of business in real estate has grown a lot in the last few years. Gurugram is known as the best place in the National Capital Region for shop-cum-offices because it is well-known and makes good money. There are SCO plots in different parts of Gurugram that can be used for building and investing. Because of this, a new age of business SCO plots has risen. Fortunately, the SCO markets have grown incredibly fast, and the money that early buyers have invested in has also grown many times over. Longer leases, higher income, and steady cash flow can all be good for investors in the SCO market. 

Hunting houses digitally 

Even though there are many digital tools available online, many people have used them during and after the pandemic. This scenario has been observed in the real estate business as well. Families have been booking homes through an online website for the past few months. People can also take a tour of houses, pay real estate agent’s fees, and sign lease deals through different platforms. Taking a home loan can also be accomplished online. Based on this, many real estate agents have set rules for buying and selling real estate projects in 2024. 

Market for Sellers

The property market in India is so unpredictable. Today, people will want to sell their homes in 2024. Prices for homes are likely to stay high for a while because there aren’t many houses for sale and people want to buy them. This year is supposed to be the first year that individuals from the next generation will invest money in real estate. For this main reason, there will be a need for both working and living rooms. Soon, there will be several houses for everyone in the Indian real estate market, and sellers will gain an advantage. 

The prices of homes are going up

The market will finally go up in price when more people want to buy homes and there are lots of people who are willing to sell. People who want to buy homes know that prices are going up. Some people are so in urgent need of houses that they are willing to pay more than the sale value of the property. 

More expensive loans

Interest rates are no longer very low. Along with rising prices, the current state of world politics will put pressure on interest rates on loans, which are likely to go up in 2024. This threat of an Indian real estate bubble has been raised by things like risky investments, too much debt, and unclear rules and regulations.

Tier-II cities are turning into places to live

With time, people are expecting that more investments will be made in Tier-II and Tier-III towns in 2024. 

Some government programs, like AMRUT and the Smart Towns Mission, have helped these towns become great places to live. With more job possibilities and economic growth, these cities are also more likely to have a lot of people living in close quarters. Besides, many of the Tier-II and Tier-III towns are home to Indian and global MNCs or have good transportation links to the country’s big cities. In turn, this will cause people to move to Tier-II and Tier-III towns and commute every day. 

Slowing down in the rental market

Since the outbreak, people want to own their own homes more than before. People who can afford it will invest their money in a house. This will make people less likely to want to rent homes in big towns. Due to the rise in parity with EMI prices, most people these days would rather think of owning their own home than renting one. Additionally, the rental market is bound to go down in 2024 because many individuals tend to buy more houses. 

Rise in Renting Out Office Spaces

In 2024, many organizations, especially in the rental and IT sectors, are willing to rent office space. Companies are promoting office spaces on E-Commerce platforms, and hence third-party logistics will have to invest in warehouses, which will make the business grow rapidly. 

To Sum Up

The Indian real estate market has never been a simple place to buy properties. Since sales are going up a lot in many places, people will realize how important it is to own their own real estate. As of now, many property managers have set some real estate trends for the year 2023. These may prevail in 2024, along with the predictions that the market may observe. 

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