December 1, 2022

Luxury Flats 2022 – What To Expect?

Luxury Flats 2022 - What To Expect

In order to provide a truly luxurious experience, your home needs to be spacious in size. Also, there should be a sense of exclusivity. These two elements are associated with the concept of luxury.

In other words, someone looking to buy a luxury flat wants to reside in a neighbourhood that provides a particular socio – economic standard in addition to first-rate amenities and services.

Regardless, there are several checks that must be made before investing in a high-end apartment for personal use. 

Whereas, when buying a luxury flat for investment purposes, you need to be equally careful and do a lot of research. After all, investing in a Luxury Flat is the safest option.  You should know what to look for in a luxury flat that you’re considering buying.

When the time comes to place a down payment for a luxury flat you are willing to buy, knowing what features, amenities, and criteria set apart luxury flats from standard flats may help you make an intelligent choice. 

What are the key things to know about luxury flats?

  1. Thorough Quality Check
  2. Absolute Luxury
  3. Density Matters
  4. Location Is Key
  5. Best Security
  6. Elevators

Now that we have given you a quick summary, let’s read on to discover these factors in detail:

  1. Thorough Quality Check

Check for the quality of construction, materials used, and fittings installed in the flat. Evaluate the developer’s reputation and ask for evidence that they used high-quality fittings, and materials.

  1. Absolute Luxury

Each luxury apartment amenity should enhance your comfort. The amenities even include the doorman, housekeeping, concierge, etc. along with other leisure and fitness activities.  

  1. Density Matters

There’s no universal rule for how many people can reside in a luxurious residential complex, but a one-acre project shouldn’t have more than 60 families. Anything more means the project isn’t a luxury. Too many people use the project’s amenities, ruining its ambiance, privacy, comfort, and elegance.

  1. Location Is Key

The defining features of any luxury property are its convenient location, excellent accessibility, high connectivity, and fantastic roads around and within the project. Another factor is the proximity to premium facilities like schools, hospitals, workplaces, supermarkets, recreation centres, etc.

  1. Best Security

Residents of a high-end development don’t prefer to have unattractive security grilles on their balconies. They would like to ensure their family and possessions are safe. A true luxury project has the best of both – human and technical security.

  1. Elevators

Installing branded elevators aren’t adequate for a luxury project. The project must feature service elevators with separate entrances so domestic help and external suppliers don’t crowd the elevators and lobby. Make sure elevators can fit a stretcher.

Let’s now move further to know what exactly is a luxury flat.

What Is A Luxury Flat?

Builders nowadays are increasingly focusing on developing luxury flats as their demand is growing substantially. But, what is meant by a luxury flat?

The term “luxury flat” refers to a high-end home that provides its residents with every convenience possible. The flats in high-end complexes are typically rather spacious and located in prominent locations. Among the many conveniences offered are: 

What Is A Luxury Flat?
  • A concierge services
  • On-site parking (including valet parking)
  • High-quality appliances 
  • Top-quality Furnishings
  • Best security

A luxury flat also includes features like:

  • Restaurant & cafe
  • High-end gym
  • Movie theatre
  • Exotic spa
  • Pool & jacuzzi

Since we now know What Is a Luxury Flat, let’s have a look at Why we should choose one.

Why Choose A Luxury Flat?

  1. Comfort & Luxury
  2. Better Security
  3. Like-minded Community
  4. Healthy Life
  5. Thriving Neighbourhood
  6. Very Spacious
  7. More Amenities
  8. Well-Maintained
  9. Higher Privacy
  10. Proximity

Now that we have known the benefits of choosing a luxury flat, let us understand these points in detail:

Why Choose A Luxury Flat?
  1. Comfort & Luxury

Aesthetics are the first thing you’ll notice about your new luxury flat.  Everything about a high-end home is designed with elegance in mind. The flats in the luxury complex are designed to look both contemporary and comfortable.

It’s all really well done; no expense is spared in order to make a good impression.  Living in luxury means being around splendour. The aesthetic quality of the building, interior design, and layout will wow you.

Comfort & Luxury
  1. Better Security

Those who live in luxury flats can rest assured that their safety will be prioritised. Security measures are increased in these communities since the apartment complex cares deeply about its residents’ well-being and property safety. One can expect to see the following amenities in a high-end apartment:

  1. Secured entry & exit 
  2. Pin pads
  3. Access cards for security
  4. Premises are monitored by surveillance cameras.
  5. Concierge office
  6. Doorman
  7. Safety officer on duty 24*7
  1. Like-minded Community

A high-end luxury apartment will not only put you in proximity to exciting places and interesting people, but it will also enhance the quality of your life in many other ways. You’ll meet people who share your interest in making use of the area’s many amenities, and you’ll soon have a close-knit group of friends.

Being in the company of those who share your love for the community you live in, not only makes you feel more at home but also provides an excellent opportunity to meet interesting new people.

You’ll be able to enjoy the company of your new friends while making use of the luxury apartment’s many fine amenities.

Like-minded Community
  1. Healthy Life

Whether it’s doing yoga in the park, burning calories at the well-equipped fitness centre, or the swimming pool, living in a luxury residential complex always offers a good healthy life to you and your family.

The elderly family members can take a walk in the spacious garden and kids can stay fit and merry while playing in the kids’ area or various indoor games.  

  1. Thriving Neighbourhood

Luxury residences, despite their grandeur, manage to feel homey and cosy. It allows you to connect with those who have similar beliefs, perspectives, and lifestyles.

The common areas in high-end apartments are usually rather grand, providing residents with ample space for socialising. They also feature common areas like restaurants and gyms where residents may work out, eat, and socialise.

Luxury apartment communities are proud of their ability to unite people who place a high value on both comfort and aesthetics. If you stick around long enough, you’ll make some new pals for life!

Thriving Neighbourhood
  1. Very Spacious

Luxury flats are super spacious with floor-to-ceiling heights of at least 12 feet. These flats are thoughtfully designed keeping in mind the natural light and cross ventilation. 

It’s great to host a house party or celebration at your luxury flat since there’s always enough space for everyone to spread out and have a good time. Whenever you have family or friends come to visit, you’d also have ample space for them to spend the night.

  1. More Amenities

Luxury flats have numerous benefits. Most people have to travel out of their way to reach swimming pools, fitness centres, and spas. Elite apartment residents have everything they need.

Luxury Apartments have high-quality amenities. They feature dining terraces, a pool, yoga gardens, a fully equipped gym, and snooker. This degree of luxury offers homeowners unparalleled convenience. You’ll wonder why you didn’t move in sooner with everything you need nearby!

  1. Well-Maintained 

Another benefit of living in luxury apartments is that they usually come with a standby maintenance team. This way, you can concentrate on the bigger things in life while the maintenance team takes care of all the unexpected repairs or maintenance needed.

  1. Higher Privacy

Luxury apartments usually have single or at the most 2 flats per floor, giving you complete privacy in your luxe home. Enjoying private life at your home while socialising while using various amenities gives a good balance between your personal space and social life.

  1. Proximity 

High-end housing complexes are always located in convenient neighbourhoods close to public transportation, good restaurants, shopping malls, and entertainment hotspots. They provide high-quality networking infrastructure and are situated near numerous major employment hubs and prestigious educational institutions. 

It’s a perk of owning a luxury flat that you get to live in affluent, serene, safe communities that you can talk about to your friends and family. When you have all of your essentials in close proximity to your high-end flat, life becomes much less challenging and more convenient.

Now that you know the benefits of choosing a luxury flat, there are certain features that you must look for while buying a luxury flat. Read on to know these features! 

What Are The Top 10 Must-Have Features In A Luxury Flat?

  1. Live Green
  2. Vastu-compliant
  3. Spacious & higher ceiling height
  4. Property Verification
  5. Top-notch Amenities
  6. Opulent Master Bedroom
  7. Great Landscaping
  8. Pet Amenities
  9. Fitted With Advanced Technology
  10. Accommodates House-help

Let’s understand these features in detail:

  1. Live Green

A luxurious home goes beyond the decor. Your luxury apartment’s surroundings are as important as the interior. The wide outdoor patio is a source of fresh air and is great for every family member. Luxury living isn’t only about having magnificent property in a popular neighbourhood.

It’s vital to live away from the city’s noise and pollution. Here’s where a gated luxury neighbourhood shines. Greenery gives you solitude and exclusivity. Every day you’ll have clean air, water, and a fantastic view.

Live Green
  1. Vastu-compliant

Homes that are built according to Vastu concepts are increasingly popular. A Vastu-compliant home is believed to guarantee success, happiness, and good health and is likely to attract the attention of a typical Indian home buyer. Make sure you look at the luxury flat’s layout from every angle, including every room (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, puja room, kids’ room, etc.).

  1. Spacious & higher ceiling height

Please ensure that you verify both the RERA carpet area of the property as well as the actual carpet area of the property. Ideally, the RERA Carpet area would fall between 1800 and 3200 square feet for a luxury flat.  Also, the floor-to-ceiling height should be 12 feet or more when you are buying a luxury flat.

  1. Property Verification

Confirm that the luxury property under consideration satisfies the requirements of RERA so that first-time home buyers are saved from any type of property fraud. RERA also ensures there are no project delays. Property verification means that the project has received approval from the appropriate legal development authorities. The luxury flat you are planning to buy should have a clear title.

  1. Top-notch amenities

Before you invest your money, amenities should also be at the top of your list of most important considerations. A further facet of luxury is represented by amenities. Amenities to check off the list include:

  1. 24*7 CCTV Security Surveillance
  1. Uninterrupted & Sufficient Water Supply
  1. Lush Green Parks
  1. Spacious Kids’ Play Area
  1. Skating Rink
  1. Jogging & Walking Track
  1. Clubhouse
  1. Senior Citizens’ Area
  1. Restaurant & Cafes
  1. Swimming Pool
  1. Steam/ Sauna/ Jacuzzi
  1. Pet Play Area
  1. Fitness Center/ Yoga & Meditation Room
  1. Efficient Fire System
  1. Premium Lifts 
  1. Power Backup
  1. Opulent Master Bedroom

The master bedroom should include all the comforts of the home, including a king-size bed, a private balcony, state-of-the-art entertainment, smart lighting, and safety features. The bedroom is where you go to relax and rejuvenate, so it seems sensible that it would feature all of your favourite comfort elements.

  1. Great landscaping

When you get home from a long day at the office, there’s nothing like relaxing in a tranquil atmosphere. Make sure the luxury home you’re considering has plenty of natural light and a breathtaking view from the large balconies. If you need to clear your head, just go outside and take in some fresh air while enjoying a calming view of the ocean or the city skyline.

  1. Pet Amenities

If you have a pet, one of your top priorities should be to ensure that the amenities in your community are suitable for your four-legged companion’s requirements. Certain high-end apartments put a lot of effort into providing exceptional luxuries for residents’ pets. 

One example of this might be an outdoor dog washing station or a fenced-in dog park complete with training equipment for the dogs. A feeling of luxury is created by the combination of all of these items.

Pet Amenities
  1. Fitted with advanced technology

Many modern luxury flats are outfitted with high-tech amenities to provide you with luxe living. Each luxury home is truly one-of-a-kind due to these facilities. So, choose your luxury flat wisely!

It’s essential that you visit a sample flat with the same layout and finishes as the one you’ll be buying, if possible. These numerous conveniences are available to you in every room of a high-end flat. Look for smart technology devices and facilities like:

  1. App-controlled security systems
  1. Motion-activated lighting
  1. Lights with timers
  1. Solar-powered curtains
  1. Smart thermostats
  1. Centrally air-conditioned home
  1. Access to high-speed internet
  1. Taps with sensors, etc.
  1.  Accommodates house-help

The luxury flat should also have sufficient living space for your domestic help. It’s an important feature as you can have access to your house-help 24*7 if they are accommodated in close proximity to you.

To Summarise

Luxury homes are designed to provide their residents with the best possible quality of life. Classily designed and furnished with the finest fittings and fixtures, it is worthy of the hard-won lifestyle that each great achievement deserves.

A luxury apartment will not only put you in proximity to incredible places and amazing people, but it will also enhance the quality of your existence in many ways. You’ll meet those who share your interests and passions and you’ll soon have a close-knit community of friends.

Buying a luxury flat for your family can provide you with massive benefits. It’s a smart financial move, plus you’ll like living in such a posh neighbourhood. With so many wonderful amenities, it’s difficult to ignore the allure of luxury flats.

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