August 29, 2022

The Right Choice To Invest In Residential Properties

The Right Choice To Invest In Residential Properties

Buying and owning a home inspires all of us to settle down in a place we can proudly call our own. Buying a lovely home is like buying a better way of living for you and your family. But other than satisfying your emotional needs, a home of your own offers a bunch of other benefits as well. Bungalows for sale in Khandala are definitely the right choice for such investment! 

One of the greatest residential property investment locations is Khandala, which is rising in demand. Due to its pleasant ambiance, popular tourist destinations, and developing social infrastructure, Khandala is seen to be a wonderful place to invest in villas and bungalows. There are many premium villas and bungalows for sale in Khandala by reputed builders.

Currently, Khandala’s property prices are reasonable, but they will definitely appreciate it in the future making it a profitable investment for you. This blog provides a thorough overview of the benefits of investing in Khandala residential properties, as well as facts on price trends and neighborhood information.

A getaway to savor the pristine beauty of nature is Khandala. It is remarkable how convenient it is to commute and how close it is to Mumbai Navi Mumbai, and Pune. Additionally, the land availability in Mumbai is almost exhausted and is mostly being developed vertically, which has prompted buyers to move to vast swathes of Khandala.

Goodbrick Realty is coming up with a luxury villa for sale in Khandala – Palazio. Spread over a half-acre land parcel amidst the beautiful hill of Khandala, this super-spacious 6 BHK majestic villa offers a plethora of amenities. A perfect blend of luxuries of life and luxuries of nature! 

Benefits Of Investing In Residential Properties In Khandala 

Khandala is a great place to invest in residential real estate due to the presence of excellent facilities, infrastructure, and connectivity. The value of bungalows for sale in Khandala is rising at a pace of around 8-10% every year. Let’s go through some of the benefits of investing in residential properties in Khandala:

  • Connectivity

Khandala is well connected through the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and the Mumbai Chennai Highway. With the Lonavala Railway Station, traveling to the top cities like Pune and Mumbai is easy. 

Pune International Airport and Mumbai International Airport are the closest airports to Khandala. Additionally, Khandala’s bus service includes excellent connectivity within the city’s well-known localities.

  • Best Dwelling Location

Khandala is now being considered for primary homes rather than for second homes. The reason for this is Navi Mumbai rapidly becoming a business hub. The upcoming international airport  in Navi Mumbai will surely accelerate the demand for residential properties in Khandala.

The elite realty company, Goodbrick Realty, known for its premium constructions, has already made a mark with Palazio, the luxury villa for sale in Khandala. With more than 70 % of the space used in landscaping and amenities, Palazio overlooking the pristine Kune lake is a dream address for that selected one !

  • Tax Benefits

Numerous tax benefits come with residential investments. You will certainly be able to get a tax deduction for the principal amount paid if you apply for a home loan for a self-occupied property. Your tax will also be deducted from interest payments.

  • Physical Asset

A property is a tangible asset that you can touch and feel, in contrast to stocks and shares. Also, its value will always appreciate with every passing year. There is therefore nothing to worry about, and this may probably give you satisfaction since you know where your property is and that it is profitable.

  • Hassle-Free Buying Experience

When considering Goodbrick Realty to buy a luxury villa in Khandala or 3 BHK flats in Gangapur Nashik at Serene Meadows – Vistara residential apartment, convenience and transparency go hand in hand. Goodbrick Realty is a synonym for quality and goodness. 


Residential real estate investments provide buyers a sense of security since they are a dependable way to grow their assets without taking any risks. Owning a home gives you additional assurance under adverse situations. It ensures that your key investments are safeguarded.

Goodbrick Realty offers residential real estate investment options in the form of villas and flats of premium quality. Palazio, the luxury villa for sale in Khandala and Vistara, the 3 BHK flats in Gangapur Nashik at serene meadows are splendid projects worth investing in. So, plan to invest in residential property today!  

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